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Who are we?

inlingua is an international organisation specialised in the teaching of foreign languages, with more than 200 schools world-wide.
inlingua PALMA is one of the longest established schools on the island. The first centre was opened in 1973, and soon became a landmark in the sector, backed by its method and staff. Our centre has been fully refurbished. It is located in the centre of the city, a few steps away from the old town and the commercial streets.
 Over thirty years of experience are our best guarantee of success 
inlingua PALMA DE MALLORCA has obtained the ISO 9001:2000 European quality certificate, awarded by Bureau Veritas Quality International (BVQI), for LANGUAGE TRAINING AND LINGUISTIC SERVICES. It is the only official examination centre for the Goethe Institut in Majorca. It is an officially acknowledged centre for Bildungsurlaub courses. It is a member of the network of collaborating centres of the Govern Balear.
We are an official TOEIC examination center.

Basic principles of our direct method:
Start immediately at any time of the year.
· English, German, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Catalan and chinese mandarin.
· General courses.
· Special courses for COMPANIES.
· Special courses for TOURISM.
· Special PREJUNIOR courses (from 6 years of age).
· Special JUNIOR and TEENAGER courses.
· Special course : Primary, Secondary, Baccalaureate, Selectivity and Professional Training.
· Revision courses.
· Special courses for EXAM preparation:
· Courses subsidised by the Govern Balear.
· Courses abroad.

 You will always find a tailor-made course at inlingua 
inlingua offers its pupils the possibility to learn a language naturally and effectively: speaking and practising with an expert teacher.

Individual students can choose between:

- GROUP CLASSES (approx. 7 students) which focus mainly on GENERAL COMMUNICATION in the language.
- ONE-TO-ONE CLASSES in which a personalised syllabus is defined according to individual needs.
First of all, you will take an initial test, free of charge, to ascertain your level of knowledge of the language and the aims to pursue. If you opt to join one of our groups, you will be placed in a group adapted to your initial level of knowledge and age group. We have a wide spectrum of groups, which enables us to offer the best possible service, in line with two basic quality criteria: pupils are included in a well-adapted group depending on level and age.

INLINGUA INTERNACIONAL has recently renewed the majority of its teaching materials, which means that we have student work books, text books and the latest CDs for nearly all levels of the languages we teach, both at basic language and specialisation level. This material is complemented by specialisation folders that are related to the specific activity of each company we work for.

The cost of services to companies is assessed according to the volume, level of specialisation and timetables needed for the requested programme.


Students are given recommendations at all times depending on the starting level, targets and frequency of attendance.
The programme can be interrupted by either party at the end of each month, with a written notice period of 15 days.

PREJUNIOR PROGRAMME from 5-6 years of age:
This is based on an introduction and development of the language using pictures and visual stimulation with specialised material.

JUNIOR PROGRAMME from 7-8 years of age:
This combines the child's progress in reading and writing with the native teacher, text books, games, exercises in oral comprehension and exercises in listening comprehension (with cassettes). The text books have a story line based on characters that appeal to our younger scholars.



Our courses are based on our own method: THE inlingua METHOD.
We use our own method for our courses, the inlingua METHOD. This is a direct method, the main principles.

Basic principles of our direct method:

· Only the language studied is spoken.
· Learning through conversation.
· Examples are the best explanation.
· Teach the students to speak correctly.
· Achieve a good atmosphere.
· Give students the possibility to experiment.
· Correct idiomatic errors.
· Varied teaching.

At inlingua we use exclusively the target language, which obliges our students to use the language they are learning naturally, progressing systematically.
You will always learn grammatical structures and vocabulary in a context that will enable you to put them into practice immediately.

Courses are given to a limited number of pupils or in one-to-one classes. Learning a language as part of a group is more natural and doing this in an environment of trust is vital.

What is the advantage of the inlingua method? At inlingua, you will speak the new language right from the start.

The teachers that work at inlingua are native professionals chosen not just because of their curriculum vitae, but also because of their teaching abilities, personal qualities and experience. All of them receive intensive training in our method and are obliged to take regular and ongoing courses.

Our teachers are a guarantee of quality.

We use our own teaching material in our classes, which is constantly updated at our headquarters in Bern.

inlingua language material is progressive, selected and specialised depending on each requirement: books and CDs for everyday language, company language (APP), professional language (specialisation folders), books and folders for children.

Books, exercises, tapes, transparencies, cd-rom, videos, games, drawings, items that are used during the different stages of the class to offer an enjoyable and effective learning experience.
New: on-line back-up exercises.

Our method, our material and our teachers are the perfect combination for you to achieve you goal: TO LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE.